Your smartphone is likely one of your most valuable possessions. At times, many people feel naked without them. Just as important as keeping your smartphone with you at all times is protecting it against being dropped, thrown or cracked. If you’ve recently purchased a new smartphone, don’t risk breaking it only a few days after you’ve bought it. These four reasons to use a case for your smartphone will persuade you to head to your local accessories store right now.

Smartphone Casings are Fragile:

Regardless of what the manufacturer puts in their commercial, smartphone cases are fragile. This means that if you drop yoursmart phone, the case will likely crack.

A rubber case would come in handy in such incidences. A good rubber case will act like a bumper between your phone and the pavement. The rubber will absorb the majority of the impact, leaving your smartphone’s case intact for future use. 

Plastic cases can also be useful, but they are less likely to absorb the impact if you were to drop your smartphone.

New Smartphones are Expensive:

One of the more obvious reasons to use a case for your smartphone is that a new unit will likely cost hundreds of dollars. If you purchased your smartphone as part of a two year contract, you probably paid less than $200, depending on the brand of smartphone. It would be a shame for you to have to waste hundreds of dollars more when you could have spent less than $50 on a quality smartphone case

Even if you purchased an extended warranty for your smartphone, you would still likely have to pay for a brand new smartphone. 

Scratches Never Go Away:

Most likely, your smartphone will become scratched as the months go by. These scratches can be minimized by the purchase of a quality smartphone case. 

Scratches don’t just come from dropping your smartphone. Putting your phone in the same pocket as your keys, sliding it across the table and any other hard contact will cause some type of scratching, even if it’s barely noticeable. 

If You Drop It, Your Screen will Break:

Protecting your screen is important. If you drop your smartphone, your screen will break. Even if the smartphone isn’t dropped directly on the screen, the subsequent shock that the screen experiences will likely damage it to some extent. 

While screens are fixable, they are also costly. In addition to the screen itself, you will likely have to pay for labor costs as well. When you send in your phone for repair, you may also miss important phone calls or texts, and may be stuck in an emergency situation where you desperately need your phone to make a call. These hassles can be avoided if you purchase a quality smartphone case. 

Similar to purchasing a car, computer or an expensive watch, your smartphone should be protected. Purchasing a smartphone case for the fraction of a new phone is reason enough to protect your treasured device. 

John Hogue has worked as a cell phone repair specialist for the past 3 years. For more information on smartphone repair, visit