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Samsung Galaxy S4 to be revealed February 2013

Days after the iPhone 5 was announced, Samsung is reportedly prepared to roll out a new version of its Samsung Galaxy S, the phone that has established itself as Apple’s chief smartphone rival. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be introduced in February at the Mobile World Congress

iPhone 5 officially announced

“Apple may be notoriously secretive and tight lipped, but the company appears to be getting worse and worse at actually keeping things under wraps. The iPhone 5 appears to be the most leaked handset in existence. Thankfully, the suspense is over, the next-gen iPhone is finally here

Is this the iPad Mini?

Images of what appears to be Apple’s smaller iPad, the iPad Mini, have leaked on the Internet today, courtesy of a French website. French website NowhereElse claims the pictures originated from DGtle, a Chinese website, although news updates from the past 10 days on the website don’t

The Suunto Ambit Versus the Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

This article compares to GPS watches; the Suunto Ambit and Garmin Fenix.  It includes details on main features including battery life, the display, the navigation function, the GPS signal, the price, the design and many other features. If you don’t know which one to choose then use

‘iPad Mini’ to get its own event in October after new iPhone reveal – AllThingsD

After refreshing its computer range, Apple’s gearing up for two events for its new phone and tablet hardware, according to sources at AllThingsD. Given the excitement welling up behind its next iPhone, many have noted (including Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber) that it would make a whole lot

Facebook updates iOS app, says it’s ‘rebuilt from the ground up’ to be twice as fast

There's no visual overhaul as it just did yesterday with Facebook Messages, but Facebook has now announced an update for its iOS app that promises some fairly big improvements of its own. According to the company, the app was "rebuilt from the ground...

Gigabyte P2542G gaming laptop hands-on

While we managed to get our hands on Gigabyte's latest graphics card-toting Ultrabook back at CeBIT, we've just finished handling the P2542G (its high-end gaming sibling) at the laptop and motherboard maker's UK launch event. Packing a 15.6-inch 1,92...

Apple posts OS X 10.8.1 update, mends your Mountain Lion

There's a special moment in every operating system's life when it loses its innocent .0 status and grows up. It's OS X Mountain Lion's turn to mature, as Apple has just pushed out the 10.8.1 update for early adopters. Most of the fixes are for

Panasonic G5 mirrorless camera gets September 13th release date in Japan

We enjoyed our short time with Panasonic's new mirrorless G5 in our hands-on last month, even if it was a little on the porky side. And, if you hail from the Land of the Rising Sun and had your heart set on one of these

Tencent and TCL unveil Ice Screen: a 26-inch Android-based smart TV

Chinese web titan Tencent and TCL Multimedia have torn the wraps off the Ice Screen, a jointly developed 26-inch smart TV with a 1,366 x 768 display that allows users to browse the web, access videos, music and games through QQ services. Under the ho...