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Battlestar Galactica Collectables

The original Battlestar Galactica series aired in 1978 starring Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo and Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Starbuck. The show was short lived but lasted long enough to create a large following that held strong once the series was put into syndication. In 2003, NBC

What the Heck is Ice Cream Sandwich?

If you’ve been shopping around for smart phones lately, then you’ve no doubt heard about Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich. So, what exactly is this Ice Cream Sandwich, and how in the world does it have anything to do with technology? What’s more, if your smart phone

Technology That We Love and Love To Hate

Being the younger generation makes you think that you must know everything about technology. It’s entertaining to make fun of your parents and their lack of technology skills. But realize now that there are a lot more technological inventions to come our way and when they do

Where are the $99 HP TouchPads now?

The HP Touchpad was doomed to fail from the start. They were overpriced and under-supported. Since they were not making any profits from sales, HP decided to drop support completely for the device and sell them at largely discounted rate. This made TouchPads available at Best Buy

HP: No more TouchPads

HP is finally pulling the plug on selling new units of its TouchPad tablet. Late on Friday, HP sent out emails to people (including folks at Neowin) who had signed up for updates about being able to receive the now discontinued webOS tablet. Unfortunately, those emails, as

$35 Aakash Android tablet gets the hands-on treatment

While everyone was in a tizzy about Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire price point, the Indian government was busily working to help bring out the $35 Aakash Android tablet. The tablet was developed with similarly good intentions as OLPC’s XO laptop before it — an attempt to get

Computer components may one day recycle their own wasted heat

Imagine a computer that isn’t just designed to “deal” with the heat produced by its components, but one that actually uses that wasted energy to power some of its high-tech internals. That’s the potential of a new discovery out of the Physical and Technical Institute (PTB) of

Canon EOS-1D X first hands-on (video) @ Engadget

Professional photographers know the drill: every few years, Canon or Nikon announces a game-changing DSLR, often prompting top photogs to unload their complete kits and switch to another system in a never-ending attempt to shoot with the best. This time, Canon is first out of the gate,

Motorola Xoom will get updated with Ice Cream Sandwich, but when?

Now that Ice Cream Sandwich is real, the inevitable next step is a parade of announcement that certain devices will / won’t experience the latest and greatest flavor of Android. Xoom owners can breathe easy however, as a support forum mod (totally reliable source) confirms Moto will

Windows 8 blog talks about landscape and portrait modes

Microsoft has designed the Windows 8 Metro interface to work on tablet devices in addition to PC and laptops and because of this added platform for the operating system, it also needs to work well when a tablet owner is using it in both landscape and portrait