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5 Great Gadgets For Gyms

Gyms – what a transformation! Gone are the days of rusty rowing machines and half-deflated yoga balls. These days it’s all about super-sophisticated technology and enhancing the gym experience as much as possible. After all, it’s a competitive market. Here we have a look at some of

Is The Xbox One Even For Video Games?

Of course it is a video game console. However, with all that it can do, it might be mistaken for a mini-computer. Whether necessary or not, this particular console comes with a wide variety of non-gaming related apps. Users can talk on Skype, toggle between different apps,

4 Reasons To Use A Case For Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is likely one of your most valuable possessions. At times, many people feel naked without them. Just as important as keeping your smartphone with you at all times is protecting it against being dropped, thrown or cracked. If you’ve recently purchased a new smartphone, don’t

What are the Best Aspects of the New Facebook News Feed?

Facebook announced a revamp of their news feed only yesterday, and already the cynics and critics have been out in force damning them for ramming advertisements even further down our throats than they have previously been accused of. Since Facebook was floated last year, it has pretty

4 Great Raspberry Pi Projects For Parents

The Raspberry Pi single-board computer represents a major innovation in inexpensive computer development kits. The powerful versatility, very affordable price and tremendous educational potential make the Raspberry Pi perfect for projects you can complete with your children.  The following five project suggestions are educational, fun, and not

Go Colo or Solo? Should you keep servers in-house or out?

Colo – colocation – may sound like a rather undignified alternative therapy, but is actually a serious option for hosting your servers. With colocation, you rent server rack space and bandwidth from a dedicated provider, somewhat like the way you rent web hosting but more so. As

5 Apps To Help You Sleep

There really is an app or two around for absolutely every single thing you could possibly think of that you may want. Some are helpful, some are fun and some are just plain weird, yet no matter how many there are the demand only increases. There are

Laptop vs. Tablet: Which One Do I Need?

In many ways, laptops and tablets are very similar. Both are designed with convenience and practicality in mind, rather than longevity or power like their desktop counterparts. But how to tell them apart when it comes to making a new purchase? Well, to look at it in

The Suunto Ambit Versus the Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

This article compares to GPS watches; the Suunto Ambit and Garmin Fenix.  It includes details on main features including battery life, the display, the navigation function, the GPS signal, the price, the design and many other features. If you don’t know which one to choose then use

Three Old-School RPGs You Should Check Out

The impending arrival of the latest chapter in the epic RPG series Elder Scrolls, Skyrim has got the whole RPG fan community all excited. The game is purportedly going to be amazingly large and feature a very robust quest system and have eye-popping graphics quality to boot.