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Battlestar Galactica Collectables

The original Battlestar Galactica series aired in 1978 starring Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo and Dirk Benedict as Lieutenant Starbuck. The show was short lived but lasted long enough to create a large following that held strong once the series was put into syndication. In 2003, NBC

What the Heck is Ice Cream Sandwich?

If you’ve been shopping around for smart phones lately, then you’ve no doubt heard about Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich. So, what exactly is this Ice Cream Sandwich, and how in the world does it have anything to do with technology? What’s more, if your smart phone

Technology That We Love and Love To Hate

Being the younger generation makes you think that you must know everything about technology. It’s entertaining to make fun of your parents and their lack of technology skills. But realize now that there are a lot more technological inventions to come our way and when they do