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Panasonic’s new LCD TVs record video to SDXC

Panasonic’s plasma sets get most of the attention, and perhaps rightfully so, but it’s actually the company’s new LCD lineup for Japan that can help you make use of your woefully neglected SDXC cards. In addition to compiling terrestrial HDTV footage on a standard external hard drive,

Fanatec® Porsche® 911 GT2 Racing Wheel: The Best Choice to Play GT5 and Forza Motorsport

(Landshut, Germany) – Dec 16, 2010 – Fanatec®, a leading brand of high-end input devices for game consoles and PCs, today announced that its new racing wheel is now available and on the way to the first customers.  It is the only Force feedback wheel on the

Iriver teases out U100, P100, and D2000 portable media players

Looks like there are more colorful PMPs on the way from Iriver. All we have right now from the company is a teaser video (in Korean, no less) and a few model names: U100, P100, and D2000, to be exact. Hopefully this will tide you over until

AMD Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 launch assault on enthusiast gaming market

It’s taken AMD a long time to refresh the top end of its graphics hardware, but today’s culmination to that wait has to be described as somewhat bittersweet. Sweet, because we’re finally getting a successor to the venerable HD 5870, one that offers improved power management and

eLocity A7 tablet finally shipping, $399 still buys you Froyo and Tegra 2

Looking for a bargain bin tablet without the bargain bin stigma? We told you around three months ago to look Stream TV’s way, but it seems that the same message could be applied today. For whatever reason, the 7-inch eLocity A7 tablet actually didn’t ship in September,

New Kindle sells ‘millions,’ bests all 2009 Kindle sales

Amazon has left us with no choice: making sales conclusions based on a single additional letter. The company, notoriously vague on Kindle sales, has announced that “in just the first 73 days of this holiday quarter, we’ve already sold millions of our all-new Kindles.” In other words,

LG’s E90 monitor slims down to 7.3mm thickness by stuffing everything into its excessively glossy base

LG’s just announced a new desktop visualizer for us all and it looks a promising proposition with its stupendously thin 7.3mm profile and minimal bezels surrounding the screen. But wait, it can’t be all good news and it’s not, as LG’s also decided to apply an ultra-glossy

NASA’s Space Shuttle launch videos are spectacularly incredible, incredibly spectacular

Did you know that it takes nearly seven and a half million pounds of thrust to get a Space Shuttle off the ground and into the final frontier? NASA opts to generate that power by burning through 1,000 gallons of liquid propellants and 20,000 pounds of solid

Patriot intros Supersonic USB 3.0 flash drive, milks 100MB/sec from a single chip

At present, there seem to be three strategies to embracing the potential of USB 3.0 — go all out with an external SSD, introduce a hulking RAID-on-a-stick, or settle for a single-chip USB key with ho-hum maximum read/write speeds of roughly around 80MB/sec and 60MB/sec. There are

TimeCommand dock turns your iPad into a very pricey dimmer switch

XtremeMac has been crankin’ out iPod docks for years, and now former CEO Gary Bart has launched Stem Innovation, a company dedicated exclusively to iOS accessories. For its first trick, Bart and company have introduced TimeCommand which (as its name implies) goes beyond the whole dock thing