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Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1 mouse flaunts its hidden gamepad

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you — not one little bit. You’re looking at a PC gamepad built into the bottom of a mouse, and not a drab one at that. It’s called the Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1, and if you just fell in love, we’re afraid

Modder creates robotic Level 10 case, intimidates fellow gamers in the process

Thermaltake’s Level 10 chassis is not only pretty bad-ass in its own right, it’s also inspired Stephen “LeatherFace” Popa to do a little case moddin’. The outcome of all this, Rog-R, is described as a “remote operating gaming rig,” and it features a remote control, motorized base,

LG Optimus 7 in Transformers / Matrix mash-up

It’s been doing the rounds for a wee while, but this has to be one of the best mobile phone adverts we’ve seen, so it’s worth sharing. We’d also bet the house on the fact that this LG Optimus 7 ad is the only way you’re likely

VIDEO: Google Chrome OS in (extreme) action

Google has gone to the extreme to show off just how effective its Chrome OS, cloud-based, platform can be. Although it’s unlikely that your laptop is going to self combust, freeze or get spiked like Alan Partridge’s foot, there is always a chance that you might drop

Tokyoflash ditches tradition yet again with Kisai Satellite watch

How many different ways can a wristwatch display the time? So many ways, as fully evidenced by the ever-inventive folks at Tokyoflash Japan. Their latest offering is the Kisai Satellite, a USB-rechargeable watch that relies on three flashing “halos” to display the time in a manner that’s

Motorola planning 4G devices for Verizon, 7- and 10-inch tablets early next year

It looks like this CES could be a hot one for Motorola. Can you believe it was only a bit more than a year ago that Motorola introduced the Droid? Now it has a whole lineup of incredibly hot phones, and CES seems like a perfect time

Zoom’s dual mic-equipped Q3HD camcorder now available for $300

Zoom has just announced that the Q3HD is officially available at retailers across the US for $299.99. That will not only get you full 1080p video recording, but some high-quality, 24-bit/96kHz audio from the camera’s stereo microphones, which the company says makes it particularly well-suited for musicians

Ion Audio’s Twin Video dual-facing camera becomes more than a render, starts shipping

Remember this little “Twin Video” freak of nature from January? Well, Ion Audio went and built the thing, and while it looks dramatically different now, the general idea is the same: one camera faces you, the other camera faces your subject. Outside of that it’s a pretty

Woow Digital’s The One tablet cooks up Tegra 2 with Gingerbread just in time for Christmas

No, we can’t say we’ve ever heard of Woow Digital before either, but we’ve just received some very legit-looking imagery of the company’s forthcoming tablet, modestly titled The One. Google’s impending Android Gingerbread release is promised as the OS, while the internal equipment includes an NVIDIA Tegra

The Top 5 Most Popular Phones Around the World

There are currently over five billion cellular phones being used worldwide. Cellphones have changed the way that people communicate, and allowed then to stay in constant contact and, in the case of smartphones, keep them permanently connected to the instant knowledge of the Internet. With such a