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Aussie Brand Comes To Reinvent UK Consumer Electronics Industry

[pullquote_right]Brits ‘pay millions too much‘ for electrical goods[/pullquote_right] London, UK, 15 November 2010 — Australian consumer electronics manufacturer, Kogan, today began selling LED TVs and GPS devices in the UK vowing to end “rip-off” prices and give shoppers a fair deal. Kogan has sold more than 100,000

Exclusive: Samsung ‘flagship’ phone with Gingerbread and huge display coming in early 2011

Okay, so you’re not feeling Samsung’s Nexus S. We’d say that’s a little premature, but still, we get it. We understand. How about this, then? Is this more to your liking? We’ve just been tipped with a few morsels on what should become Samsung’s flagship Android device

Science Flexible metamaterial could make your next invisibility cloak rather more comfortable

Metamaterials have a lot of potential future applications, but only one of them really gets our geeky senses tingling: invisibility cloaks. Previous theoretical examples we’ve seen were built upon rigid silicon substrates, meaning they’d be about as comfortable to wear as a motherboard jacket with ISA sleeves.

Sylvania’s 7-inch Android tablet now ready to disappoint, swallow your $180

Not down with coughing up serious cash for a serious Galaxy Tab? Great news, Bargain Ben: you’ve got options. Joining the raft of cut-rate, low-priced tablets is a new one from Sylvania, which is humorously described as a “7-inch MID tablet.” Details are scarce, but it’s rocking

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 reviewed: ‘what the GTX 480 should have been’

You saw the key specs slip out a little ahead of time, now it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the GeForce GTX 580 has been thoroughly benchmarked to see if its claim to being “the world’s fastest DirectX 11 GPU” stands up to scrutiny. In

Kingston introduces 256GB SSDNow V100 SSD for $490

They’re still far from being in the bargain bin, but solid state drives are slowly but surely walking their way down from the pricing stratosphere. A week after revealing a 96GB V+ 100 model, Kingston has now uncovered a more capacious sibling that’ll definitely tempt existing HDD

Samsung expects to sell a million Galaxy Tabs this year, 40 million smartphones next year

We’ve already heard Samsung boast that it expects to ship 10 million Galaxy Tabs by next year, and the company’s now back at the prediction game yet again, with mobile biz president J.K. Shin saying he expects the company to sell a million of them this year

Apple’s dead pixel policy leaks out, up to 15 anomalies ‘acceptable’ on 22-inch and above screens?

There’s nothing quite like coming home with a shiny new laptop only to find tiny black and white dots peppering your LCD, especially when the screen’s manufacturer tells you that you’re plumb out of luck. If you buy Apple, that scenario might honestly play out just the

ASUS DR-900 e-reader escapes into the wild, gets a video overview

Ah, ha! So there it is! After waiting for months and months (and months), it seems as if ASUS has quietly started shipping its ginormous DR-900 e-reader. At least in some sectors of the world, albeit in “non-final” form. Hispazone managed to get their paws around one

ASUS Eee PC 1015T now on sale, complete with AMD V105 CPU

So, the mystery’s solved. If you’ll recall, we spotted ASUS’ Eee PC 1015T sittin’ pretty at Computex, but considering that the OS was wiped by the time we got to it, we were left to take the placard’s word for it when it came to specifications. Now,