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T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab available for preorder at Amazon, costs $699 unsubidized

We played devil’s advocate with Verizon’s $599 Galaxy Tab, but it looks like the T-Mobile version of Samsung’s Android 2.2 tablet is going to cost a Benjamin more — it’s ringing up at $699.99 right now at Amazon unsubsidized. If we were you, we’d wait and see

Microsoft buys Canesta, continues camera-based domination of our interfaces

It seems that Microsoft’s taken the camera to heart following its dismissal of the pen — the company bought 3DV, collaborated with PrimeSense on Kinect, and today it’s apparently finalized a deal to acquire 3D CMOS camera chipmaker Canesta as well. In case you’ve already forgotten, the

Xbox Live has more subscribers than Comcast

The traditional means of obtaining video in the house has been changing day by day, and Microsoft has been at the forefront of the change with Xbox Live. Sony placed a bet on the physical Blu-ray format in their PS3, but Microsoft has always been about digital

Viewsonic introduces 3DV5 3D pocket camcorder, no glasses required

There’s a good chance this 3D bandwagon may never stop rolling, so rather than maintaining that bitter beer face for yet another day, you may as well embrace the next dimension. Viewsonic’s newest pocket camcorder just so happens to fit into that segment, as the 3DV5 is

PlayStation Phone: more spy photos turn up

More pictures of the PlayStation Phone have turned up, showing it’s codename and that it’s going to be on the rather large side. If the images are real, and there is no reason to doubt that the aren’t, those opting for the phone when it launches should

Samsung’s Nexus Two details emerge: November 8 release date?

New details about the Nexus Two have surfaced this week, confirming that Google was developing the Nexus One’s successor. Not only is the Nexus Two real, Gizmodo managed to get a hands-on demo of the device, but as they claim, the device is nothing like the Nexus

Details Leaked On Sony’s PlayStation Phone

Image Credit: Engadget The long awaited, and hoped for phone from Sony may exist after all. With some details leaking out of the Sony vault and some clever sleuthing, a PlayStation Phone is beginning to look quite real. Technology blog Engadget decided to risk their credibility by

HP Envy 17 3D Laptop Now Available Starting At $1599

If you’ve been kept awake at night wondering when the HP Envy 17 3D laptop would finally be available for purchase, well you’ll have sweet dreams tonight. HP’s officially thrown this bad boy up on its website for all those out there whose laptops are just too…

Barnes & Noble Nook Color revealed

Barnes & Noble just unveiled its all-new Nook Color, an Android tablet fronted by a 7-inch color touchscreen… so long, e-ink! (Not really, the $149 original Nook is sticking around for now, owns 20 percent of the e-reader market, and is about to get a major software

Nexus Two coming soon to the UK?

Google may have abandoned their online phone store model, but that doesn’t mean they plan to completely exit the self-branded phone market. We know that when previously asked, Google refused to answer any questions about a possible Nexus Two, leading people to believe that there was still