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Adobe confirms Flash Player 10.1 is coming to BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and more

We’ve already known that Adobe would be bringing Flash Player 10.1 to Windows Phone 7, but the company has just now made that fully official at its currently-happening MAX conference (alongside its Air 2.5 announcement), and it’s also confirmed exactly which other mobile platforms the plug-in will

Google’s Android now markets 100,000 Apps

In a short but sweet twitter message posted a couple of hours ago, Google announced that the Android Marketplace has now managed to contain over 100,000 apps, something many analysts expected would happen in August. The message simply said “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market.” This

Nook Color revealed by overzealous screen protector?

Barnes & Noble’s done a pretty decent job of keeping a supposed Nook Color hidden from our prying eyes, but an errant accessory may have jumped the gun — the “Nook Color Screen Film Kit,” to be precise, whose product image is pictured immediately above. CNET discovered

Tesco Touts The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tesco has set up a pre-order page, complete with countdown clock, for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The superstore chain, which also boasts the iPhone 4 in its techno-armoury, is offering the 16GB tab for £529, making it the cheapest supplier so far – beating The Carphone Warehouse

Top 10 Gadgets To Keep You Warm This Winter

Whatever Indian summer there may or may not have been, it is now well and truly over. The heating’s on, the overcoats are out, winter has its icy fingers firmly round the door. So, what can we do about it? We fight back, of course – with

MSI brings Core i5, GeForce GT 425M to 15.6-inch GE603 laptop

It looks about like every other MSI 15.6-incher out there, but for those who prefer classy over vivacious, he GE603 might just be right down your alley. Designed primary as a multimedia laptop with the ability to handle a modest amount of demanding games, this here rig

Nikon Coolpix S80 gets reviewed: loads of style, short on substance

Nikon’s Coolpix S80 sure seemed like a worthy successor to the S70 on paper, but Photography Blog’s latest review sheds light on a couple of underlying issues that hinder it from being a runaway hit. The critics pretty much adored the sexy styling, but they noted that

HP Slate Announced, Costs $799

Who could have predicted that Apple would actually be undercutting the competition in tablet pricing? As the tablet wars really begin to heat up, HP just announced the availability of their Slate 500, an 8.9 inch Windows 7 tablet that will cost $799 (The Samsung Galaxy Tab

Windows Phone 7 Review @

Microsoft has not been shy in admitting that their mobile efforts over the past few years have been less than stellar. A decline in market share and mind share has seen the software giant struggle to stay relevant amongst strong offerings from both Google and Apple. Microsoft’s

First Windows Phone 7 device sold in New Zealand

As Microsoft prepares to launch Windows Phone 7 across Europe, lucky kiwis have got their hands on the devices. The first Windows Phone 7 device has been sold today over in New Zealand. Lucky shopper Jourdan Templeton picked up the world’s first Windows Phone 7 at a