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New and Improved Xbox 360 Controller Coming Nov 9

We just started hearing rumors that Microsoft was planning a new Xbox 360 controller with an improved D-pad, then Major Nelson comes along and pops a video on Youtube explaining it. Lovely. The new D-pad is a new patented design that’s just as we heard from Joystiq:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 becomes everyone’s favorite midrange graphics card

It’s rare to come across a universally lauded product nowadays, but NVIDIA’s fresh new GTX 460 is just that sort of exceptional creation. Contrary to its GTX 465 elder brother, the 460 isn’t a chopped-down top-tier part and is instead built on the new GF104 core. This

Disco Chair – It’s cooler than you think

Check it out, it’s the Disco Chair. Not the coolest of names but it looks beautiful! It’s the work of Kiwi&Pom and is created using 200 meters of electroluminescent wire, which can flash on and off (hence the ‘disco’). Visit the source link for a few more

Audio Technica ATH-AD500 Headphones Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Our friends over at Tech Lobby have just posted another awesome video review. Take a look. The ATH-AD500 caters for the audiophile in you but on a budget. It is a featherweight contender compared to other audiophile headphones but holds its own with modest specifications vs price.

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Does size matter? The NH-D14 thinks so. With its huge size and dual fan setup it will hog a lot of precious space but is the compromise worth the while? Watch the video review for more info. Video Review: Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler @ Tech Lobby

Kinect: Preview and Explanation

Engadget: We’ve become so familiar with the “Project Natal” codename over the years that our tongues are still having a little trouble wrapping around Microsoft’s new Kinect moniker for it. Still, what’s in a name? Microsoft has finally shown us what matters with real games, real gameplay,

Apple sells two million iPads in less than 60 days

Apple’s latest smash hit is the iPad, selling two million iPads in less than 60 days (59 to be exact). Apple originally sold 300k units in the first day and one million iPads in 28 days, after releasing in the United States. The iPad went on sale

Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Thanks to the surge in popularity of video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Facebook, video blogging has become all the rage. As a result, this has created a market for small and portable, high capacity video cameras. Veho is one of those companies, and they claim to

HP Slate Cancelled?

Today has not been good to tablet devices. After Microsoft announces the end of their Courier project, TechCrunch reveals that sources close to HP are now saying that their upcoming HP Slate has also been canned. First announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this year at

Audio Technica AT2020 USB Condenser Microphone Video Review @ Tech Lobby

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy amps, equalisers or phantom power for good sound. With the AT2020 USB condenser microphone you just plug and play and you’ve got great studio quality recordings at the fraction of a cost. This is a great mic for