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Apple reveals the iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S will look a lot like the iPhone 4, that’s because it has the same exterior as the device. Despite that, the internals of the new device have been updated of the previous version of the phone. The new device will have an A5

DisplayLink announces USB 3.0-to-HDMI adapter, 2560 x 1600 resolution panels get supported

IDF’s certainly delivered a few bombshells thus far, but sometimes it’s the simpler things that can brighten up your day, like DisplayLink’s announcement of its snappily-titled Winstars USB 3.0-to-HDMI adapter. Making use of all that extra bandwidth means using TVs as monitors no longer results in battling

Ecko Zip earbuds pump tunes through a functioning zipper, let you drop your fly in public

We already knew that New Jersey was a hotbed for personal audio innovation, so it certainly came as no surprise when the Garden State’s ECKOUNLTD (Ecko Unlimited, with a hint of Jersey Shore) hit us up with a slew of new stylz. We’re most curious about the

Corsair Flash Voyager, GT, Survivor get a USB 3.0 boost

Call us jaded, but most USB flash drives just don’t get the juices flowing like a new tablet or smartphone. Nonetheless, they’ve become a critical component of many a workflow, and for a device where speed is key, a USB 3.0 boost is certainly welcome. And Corsair

NetChef – Networked Kitchen Recipe released by Sungale

Chino, California, June 28, 2011, Networked Kitchen Recipe, an internet connected cooking recipe that has been anticipated for a long time by the market, is announced by Sungale today.  NetChef™ is the name of the device. Are you a housewife racking your brain everyday thinking of something

Welcome the Andy Pad, the dream budget Android tablet for only 129 pounds

Ever since Android tablets were announced, the cost of owning one had been a the main obstacle. For example the Motorola Xoom was launched with a price tag of around $800/£500, which is fair amount more than its rival, Apple’s iPad. Other Android tablets such as the

Hasselblad’s 200 megapixel H4D-200MS camera now shipping

Hasselblad’s H4D-200MS is yet another upgrade to its H4D camera line that we want badly, but wouldn’t have a need — or a budget — for. This latest piece of kit is nearly identical to the 50 megapixel H4D-50MS externally, but internally adds an astonishing 150 more

EVO 2 console promises to bring Android gaming to your TV this fall

Remember the Linux-based EVO game console? We can certainly forgive you if you don’t, but it did actually end up shipping, and “sold out” according to the company the behind it. Now that company, Envizions, is back for a second try with another big promise: an Android-based

NZXT stops being so sensitive with $40 Avatar S gaming mouse

It seems that the people at NZXT love gamers almost as much as they hate vowels. The company today took the wraps off of the Avatar S, a replacement for the already discontinued Avatar gaming mouse. The new model doesn’t quite match the 2,600DPI of its predecessor

HP enables Google Cloud Print on ePrint printers right out of the box

Man, remember when transferring data to your printer required a big fat cable and physical proximity to your ink spitter? Thankfully, we live in more refined times now and HP and Google have hooked up to deliver the first printers with driverless Cloud Print support, making the