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Samsung launching RVU-compatible D6000 series TVs in March

Remember the RVU Alliance from last year? The idea is to use standard tech like DLNA and UPnP to move live TV and DVR’d content around the home and straight to your screens, instead of having to plug a separate set-top box into every television. Well, Samsung

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab confirmed for first quarter US launch

It’s been a bit of a wait, but Samsung’s starting leak some more details on the 3G-free (and contract-free) version of its Galaxy Tab. What you really want, of course, is a concrete date and price — but you’re not going to get it. Instead, we come

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series announced, coming in March for $699

Gloria? Are you finally with us? It sure looks like it — Samsung has just unveiled its Sliding PC 7 Series slider and it looks to be one crazy Windows 7 tablet / laptop hybrid. Powered by Intel’s 1.66GHz Z670 Oak Trail processor, the 2.2-pound tablet features

Lenovo debuts IdeaCentre A320, B520, B320 plus C205 all-in-ones

Lenovo’s just spewed forth a volcano of all-in-ones, including three IdeaCentres, the A320, B520 and B320. First up the thinnest of the group, the IdeaCentre A320 boasts up to a 2.30GHz Intel Core i5 2nd generation CPU, a 21.5-inch full HD 16:9 widescreen display, up to 8GB

N-Trig teaches DuoSense to write on Android screens, tablet to come in the first half of 2011

This one isn’t much of a surprise — considering N-Trig told us just a few months ago that “the most useful Android slates will be pen-enabled” and that it was working on Android support — but today the Israel-based company has officially announced support for Google’s mobile

Fanatec® Porsche® 911 GT2 Racing Wheel: The Best Choice to Play GT5 and Forza Motorsport

(Landshut, Germany) – Dec 16, 2010 – Fanatec®, a leading brand of high-end input devices for game consoles and PCs, today announced that its new racing wheel is now available and on the way to the first customers.  It is the only Force feedback wheel on the

eLocity A7 tablet finally shipping, $399 still buys you Froyo and Tegra 2

Looking for a bargain bin tablet without the bargain bin stigma? We told you around three months ago to look Stream TV’s way, but it seems that the same message could be applied today. For whatever reason, the 7-inch eLocity A7 tablet actually didn’t ship in September,

LG’s E90 monitor slims down to 7.3mm thickness by stuffing everything into its excessively glossy base

LG’s just announced a new desktop visualizer for us all and it looks a promising proposition with its stupendously thin 7.3mm profile and minimal bezels surrounding the screen. But wait, it can’t be all good news and it’s not, as LG’s also decided to apply an ultra-glossy

Zoom’s dual mic-equipped Q3HD camcorder now available for $300

Zoom has just announced that the Q3HD is officially available at retailers across the US for $299.99. That will not only get you full 1080p video recording, but some high-quality, 24-bit/96kHz audio from the camera’s stereo microphones, which the company says makes it particularly well-suited for musicians

Aussie Brand Comes To Reinvent UK Consumer Electronics Industry

[pullquote_right]Brits ‘pay millions too much‘ for electrical goods[/pullquote_right] London, UK, 15 November 2010 — Australian consumer electronics manufacturer, Kogan, today began selling LED TVs and GPS devices in the UK vowing to end “rip-off” prices and give shoppers a fair deal. Kogan has sold more than 100,000