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IceMat Siberia Headphones Review

It’s quite easy to forget that in some sound solutions, a pair of good quality headphones may be best. Usually with the talk of surround sound, a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system is the first thing that pops into someone’s mind. There are of course advantages to

IceMat Siberia In:Ear Headset Review

Practically everyone nowadays keeps a pair of earphones or headphones with them wherever they go. With the rapid increase in the number of owners of mp3 players and other portable audio/video players, the demand of high quality audio is ever present. With cheap mp3 players available everywhere,

SteelSeries SteelSound 3H, 4H & 5H Headsets Review

Out of all the hardware companies that have expanded their product range in the past couple of years, SteelSteries has made one of the smoother transitions. They first started off selling mouse pads and then went on to all sorts of gaming accessories and equipment such as