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Perixx PERIPAD-202 USB Numeric Keypad Review

Today, we will be looking at a nifty little accessory designed to make numerical data entry a whole lot easier and more comfortable. It’s the PERIPAD-202 from our good friends at Perixx.

Perixx Periboard-806 Folding Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard Review

If you have a home theater PC (HTPC) or some kind of Android device connected to your TV, you know how handy it is to have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Using the on-screen keyboard is a pain, nor does anyone want to walk up to the

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 Review

Today we’ll be looking at something from Microsoft’s range of hardware. Aside from the software they create, Microsoft are well known for producing high quality keyboards and mice. The keyboard and mouse combination we’ll be looking at today is most likely different to what you normally use

Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse Review

Every new offering from Razer is a special one. Adored by gamers and style-conscious peripheral users alike, there are many people who look to Razer for their needs. The Razer Lachesis uses a super-accurate laser to track your mouse movements rather than the previous 3G infra-red sensor

Razer Tarantula Keyboard Review

So far, we have seen only mice from Razer reviewed here on Geek Cube. Razer has literally advanced the gaming mouse market with their great gaming mice which are getting better each new release. Razer already has speakers systems and headsets available so it only makes sense

Kensington Optical Notebook Ergo Kit Review

Today we’ll be looking at Kensington’s latest offering to the laptop user looking to create a home desktop environment in which to work. The Optical Notebook Ergo Kit combines a slim multimedia keyboard with a wireless optical travel mouse designed for notebook users. Kensington have also included

Kensington PilotBoard Wireless Desktop Review

There’s always a first for everything and this is our first ‘wireless desktop’ review. We have been kindly provided a wireless keyboard and mouse combo by Kensington. Almost all of Kensington’s products are simple in terms of design and usability, which makes them more attractive than a