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Groovy Cable 4-in-1 Charge and Sync Cable Review

Today we will be looking at another piece of handy kit from our friends at – the 4-in-1 Sync and Carge Cable. The cable offers a MicroUSB, Apple Lightning and an oldschool 30-pin Apple connector. The cable can charge and sync a huge number of devices

OneCable Apple Lightning, 30 Pin and Micro USB Sync and Charge Cable Review

With the introduction of the Lightning connector from Apple, the problem of needing several types of cables just to sync/charge your Apple and non-Apple devices has only got more messy. The iPhone 5 requires the 8-pin Lightning connector, whilst the iPhone 4S (and older) requires the 30-pin

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover Hands-On

If you’re splashing out on an expensive smartphone, it’s a pretty good idea to fork out a tiny bit more on a good quality case to protect your new toy from bumps, scratches and any (inevitable) drops. If you’re still not convinced then you should read our