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Oregon Scientific Action Cam Review

Have you ever seen on TV the camera view from the perspective of the person in action? Watching the action from a real-life perspective makes it all a lot more dramatic and immerses you into the action as if you’re really there. Skateboarders, snowboarders and mountain bikers

XtracPads XXL Ripper Review

If you ask people if ‘bigger is better’, only the dirty minded ones will immediately say yes. The others will probably ask to be more specific. If we asked the question about something kind of personal, say your mouse pad, your answers will be more varied. It

XtracPads Fat Mat Review

To play your favourite sport at the peak of your performance conditions must be right and suited to your liking. Of course, it varies with personal preference and the sport itself. Similarly, if you’re a hardcore gamer, peak performance can only be reached when you have the

Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Paste Review

The common day-to-day user would not think much about how their computer performs thermally unless it catches fire, or fills the room with smoke. Now an average enthusiast would probably think or worry about temperatures, but not to the extreme of buying branded, high-end thermal paste. It’s

OCZ Vanquisher CPU Cooler Review

We all know OCZ Technology has been a major competitor in the hardware cooling market for a while now even when the best way to keep something cool was to slap a bigger and louder fan on it. Back then, an 80mm was even uncommon which is,

IceMat Siberia Headphones Review

It’s quite easy to forget that in some sound solutions, a pair of good quality headphones may be best. Usually with the talk of surround sound, a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system is the first thing that pops into someone’s mind. There are of course advantages to

IceMat Siberia In:Ear Headset Review

Practically everyone nowadays keeps a pair of earphones or headphones with them wherever they go. With the rapid increase in the number of owners of mp3 players and other portable audio/video players, the demand of high quality audio is ever present. With cheap mp3 players available everywhere,

Razer Tarantula Keyboard Review

So far, we have seen only mice from Razer reviewed here on Geek Cube. Razer has literally advanced the gaming mouse market with their great gaming mice which are getting better each new release. Razer already has speakers systems and headsets available so it only makes sense

Kensington Optical Notebook Ergo Kit Review

Today we’ll be looking at Kensington’s latest offering to the laptop user looking to create a home desktop environment in which to work. The Optical Notebook Ergo Kit combines a slim multimedia keyboard with a wireless optical travel mouse designed for notebook users. Kensington have also included

OCZ EvoStream 600W PSU Review

Every time OCZ releases a new product, everyone is quick to check out their latest offerings. If my memory serves me right, one of those times was when the XTC heat shields were released, everyone talked about it. Well, it seems OCZ are once again back into