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Hasselblad’s 200 megapixel H4D-200MS camera now shipping

Hasselblad’s H4D-200MS is yet another upgrade to its H4D camera line that we want badly, but wouldn’t have a need — or a budget — for. This latest piece of kit is nearly identical to the 50 megapixel H4D-50MS externally, but internally adds an astonishing 150 more

EVO 2 console promises to bring Android gaming to your TV this fall

Remember the Linux-based EVO game console? We can certainly forgive you if you don’t, but it did actually end up shipping, and “sold out” according to the company the behind it. Now that company, Envizions, is back for a second try with another big promise: an Android-based

NZXT stops being so sensitive with $40 Avatar S gaming mouse

It seems that the people at NZXT love gamers almost as much as they hate vowels. The company today took the wraps off of the Avatar S, a replacement for the already discontinued Avatar gaming mouse. The new model doesn’t quite match the 2,600DPI of its predecessor

HP enables Google Cloud Print on ePrint printers right out of the box

Man, remember when transferring data to your printer required a big fat cable and physical proximity to your ink spitter? Thankfully, we live in more refined times now and HP and Google have hooked up to deliver the first printers with driverless Cloud Print support, making the

Exceleram gives a sneak peak of a new DDR3 modules

Today, Exceleram revealed some info on new DDR3 memory modules carrying the model number EP3001A: This is a 2GB DDR3 module with 1333MHz and CL9-9-9-24 at loose 1.5 volts. True to the motto “assembled in Germany” … everything will not give away at this point. More info

Motorola Xoom goes on sale February 17 for $699

Of all the numerous Android tablets slated for release in the near future – and there are a lot – the Motorola Xoom is the one that many experts are picking to go up against the still dominant iPad. It will be the first tablet to run

Samsung launching RVU-compatible D6000 series TVs in March

Remember the RVU Alliance from last year? The idea is to use standard tech like DLNA and UPnP to move live TV and DVR’d content around the home and straight to your screens, instead of having to plug a separate set-top box into every television. Well, Samsung

VIDEO: Google shows off Android 3.0, the ‘Entirely for Tablet’ Honeycomb

Well, look who just oozed into being, Google’s latest flavor of Android, the tablet-friendly 3.0, Honeycomb. We heard talk that 3.0 would be exclusively for tablets, as in not for phones, and that looks to be played out with the text “Entirely for Tablet” seen early in

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab confirmed for first quarter US launch

It’s been a bit of a wait, but Samsung’s starting leak some more details on the 3G-free (and contract-free) version of its Galaxy Tab. What you really want, of course, is a concrete date and price — but you’re not going to get it. Instead, we come

Samsung debuts world’s slimmest 3D Blu-ray player, three others that’ll get the job done

One-upping yourself, eh Samsung? Just a year after the BD-P4600 claimed the title of world’s slimmest Blu-ray player, the outfit has introduced the BD-D7500 to take that crown and waltz all over Las Vegas. Introduces here at CES, the D7500 measures just 1.1-inches deep, and also includes