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Pocketbook’s Mirasol Android tablet leaked in Qualcomm’s latest video?

Remember the Mirasol Android tablet that Pocketbook’s been teasing about since late November? Well, this could be it. Spotted in a new promotion video from Qualcomm, this slate sports a front-facing camera, four soft keys below the outdoor-friendly color display (likely to be of the bog-standard 5.7-inch

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series announced, coming in March for $699

Gloria? Are you finally with us? It sure looks like it — Samsung has just unveiled its Sliding PC 7 Series slider and it looks to be one crazy Windows 7 tablet / laptop hybrid. Powered by Intel’s 1.66GHz Z670 Oak Trail processor, the 2.2-pound tablet features

Toshiba to sell big-screen, glasses-free 3D HDTVs in 2011 / 2012

Toshiba made good on its word to sell glasses-free 3D TVs prior to the end of 2010, but it only managed to out 12- and 20-inch versions in Japan. Today at CES, executives have reportedly stated that the company will be kicking things into high gear for

Lenovo debuts IdeaCentre A320, B520, B320 plus C205 all-in-ones

Lenovo’s just spewed forth a volcano of all-in-ones, including three IdeaCentres, the A320, B520 and B320. First up the thinnest of the group, the IdeaCentre A320 boasts up to a 2.30GHz Intel Core i5 2nd generation CPU, a 21.5-inch full HD 16:9 widescreen display, up to 8GB

Vizio reveals Via Tablet and Phone with Android, sub-$300 3DTVs ahead of CES

Vizio made its name by packing high end features into value-priced HDTVs and it’s taking that mentality to new areas, revealing the tablet we spotted in last night’s Rose Bowl ad as the 8-inch Via Tablet and a 4-inch Via Phone. Both will be running Android and

Dell’s IPS and multitouch ST2220T finally shipping to tilting monitor seekers

Well, it took a bit longer than we anticipated for Dell’s glorious 21.5-inch multitouch ST2220T monitor with an IPS panel to roll into e-tailers — last we had heard it was planned for late Fall 2010 — but we promise you, this one is better late than

Samsung Galaxy Player up for pre-order at Amazon UK, £150 buys 8GB worth of Android Market apps

We Americans may not see it until summer, but Samsung’s 3.2-inch Galaxy Player is about to call Europe home, as following French presales the PMP has now appeared at Amazon UK. There, it’s sporting a tentative January 7th release date and a pair of capacities and prices,

Merry Christmas from Geek Cube!

Archos’ Android-based 70b e-reader up for pre-order in Europe

We have all ideas that the 70b will look mighty weak after next year’s spate of slates, tablets and readers hit the public view at CES, but with a price tag as diminutive as €99.99 ($130), who cares about bells and / or whistles? Spotted first in

N-Trig teaches DuoSense to write on Android screens, tablet to come in the first half of 2011

This one isn’t much of a surprise — considering N-Trig told us just a few months ago that “the most useful Android slates will be pen-enabled” and that it was working on Android support — but today the Israel-based company has officially announced support for Google’s mobile