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Veho VMS-004 Deluxe USB Microscope Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Ever come across a device you just know you want your friends to witness! Well this USB microscope from Veho is one such device you’ll have plenty of fun with. With a 20 to 400 times magnification you’ll see common items in a different light. Check out

VIZO UV Reactive SATA Cables and Cold Cathodes Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Shiny objects are always cool to look at in the dark and UV reactive cables under UV light is just awesome. As any modder would know, a case without lights is a boring mod indeed and so we take a quick look at some awesome gear from

Noctua NH-C12P CPU Cooler Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Today we take a look at the Noctua NH-C12P. A cooler with a shorter profile making it an excellent choice for those wanting top end passive cooling in smaller system cases. Check out the video review for more information. Video Review: Noctua NH-C12P CPU Cooler @ Tech

OCZ Behemoth Laser Gaming Mouse Video Review @ Tech Lobby

A Behemoth of a mouse, or so as OCZ claim. This little fella will give you quite a smack in performance for a relatively low cost which puts it in good place amongst its competitors. Check out the full review for more information on the product. Video

XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer CPU Cooler Video Review @ Tech Lobby

It’s not usual to awe over the packaging of most PC components but with the Thor’s Hammer the box alone will have you mesmerised. We take a look at Xigamtek’s top dog cooler designed to take on the battalion of competition. Video Review: XIGMATEK Thor’s Hammer CPU

OCZ ModXstream Pro 600W Power Supply Video Review @ Tech Lobby

Power is key – We look at the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W power supply unit. This is an NVIDIA SLI certified as well as an 80PLUS certified power supply which means it is highly efficient. It’s a modular unit with a massive 140mm cooling fan! Check out

LaCie Hard Disk MAX 2TB, Design by Neil Poulton Video Review @ Tech Lobby

External hard drives are definitely getting cheaper as technology progresses to solid state disks at much higher costs. The advantage? You get 2TB of storage space for a lot less now compared to yesteryear. LaCie hard drives are usually quite a popular choice and design is probably

OCZ Alchemy Elixir Gaming Keyboard Video Review @ Tech Lobby

The Elixir gaming keyboard from OCZ’s Alchemy series of keyboards makes its way under our hands and we give it a test to see if this keyboard is as good as those from manufactures dedicated to peripherals. This obviously isn’t OCZ’s dominating market but an interesting one

USB Geek Shishi Odoshi Fountains and Mini Humidifier Video Review @ Tech Lobby

A quick look at some cool USB powered gadgets or gimmicks? We look at some desktop water fountains and a mini humidifier from Check out the video for more information. Video Review: USB Geek Shishi Odoshi Fountains and Mini Humidifier @ Tech Lobby

At Least 30% of NVIDIA GPU Shipments on TSMC 40 nm Process by End of 2009

Nearly a month since AMD’s introduction of the 40 nm RV740 GPU, there is still no concrete sign of a 40 nm GPU from NVIDIA slated for anytime soon, apart from timely scoops on the GT300. Sources at graphics card vendors however seem confident that by the