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HTC Thunderbolt, Droid Incredible 2 go back to the future with leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs

Looks like some HTC oldies are in store for Android OS goodies -- unofficially. Though Verizon's yet to publicly confirm availability, it does appear Droid Incredible 2 and Thunderbolt owners (like this sorry bastard) are in store for a very real Ice...

Wireless Sensor Tags alert you to movement and temperature changes, fit on your keyring

There's plenty of sensor gear around for hobbyists to play with, but not so many polished products for the monitoring-obsessed. Cao Gadgets is attempting to fill that niche with its functionally named Wireless Sensor Tags -- small devices which monit...

Nikkei: ITU near recommending NHK’s Super Hi-Vision as official TV standard

We've seen NHK preparing its Super Hi-Vision 8K video since time immemorial. Wouldn't it be nice if the TV broadcast technology was more than just a perpetual research project? If sources for Japan's Nikkei aren't dreaming, the International Telecomm...

Google Chrome for iOS update brings sharing to G+, Facebook and Twitter

We've had Google's Chrome browser on iPad and iPhone since June and now it has received its first update. After a recent update for the Google+ iOS app added sharing of links to Chrome, the lead feature in the new version is the ability to

LG Optimus Vu to bow on Verizon as the Intuition, stylus not included?

Could this 5-inch LG handset be Verizon's answer to the Galaxy Note? Our Intuition tells us otherwise (get it?), but that screenshot above and corresponding FCC docs deign to differ. Really though, that lady razor name's the purported new moniker for...

Qualcomm confirms its role in LG superphone with quad-core Snapdragon S4

There's nothing like jumping the gun to announce your involvement with a phone that technically doesn't exist, but we've gotta say, we love Qualcomm for doing it. The company has just revealed to us its role in the production of a smartphone from LG ...

Pentax intros X-5 superzoom camera with 26x lens, tiltable LCD

We'd been worrying that Pentax would be left out of the flurry of new cameras in the run-up to Photokina. With the new X-5, there's reason to relax. The new shooter sits at the higher end of the by-the-numbers superzoom crowd, centering most of its

The New iPad Review @ Engadget

“What’s in a name? Or, more importantly, what’s in a digit? Would that which we call an iPad by any number less than 2 be less sweet? That’s the question Apple posed for us indirectly when it unveiled the new iPad and relegated its future slates (and,

Super-skinny Samsung Galaxy S III coming in May?

The Samsung Galaxy S III anticipation could soon be over with a May launch touted for the much speculated handset. That’s the word from Korean publication ETNews, which also reports that the next-gen Sammy flagship phone will be a super-skinny 7mm thin. That’s not quite skinny enough

Engadget reviews the Sony Alpha NEX-7 mirrorless camera

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