New details about the Nexus Two have surfaced this week, confirming that Google was developing the Nexus One’s successor.

Not only is the Nexus Two real, Gizmodo managed to get a hands-on demo of the device, but as they claim, the device is nothing like the Nexus One, instead the entire frame is completely different, and it looks very much like the Samsung Galaxy S.

Now that the device has been confirmed, although Google or Samsung won’t comment on the matter, the only other issue is the name of the device. Google won’t be calling this phone the “Nexus Two” because the first phone never did well on the market, selling 80,000 units in the first month.

In order for Google to have a fresh start and make people forget about the Nexus One, they need a cutting edge name and design, including a boat load of features.

Rumors suggest that the so called ‘Nexus Two’ will have a front-facing camera, that will work with Google Talk, and run Android 3.0 Gingerbread. Amongst all the rumors, sources say that Google and Samsung plan to officially unveil the new device on November 8.