We played devil’s advocate with Verizon’s $599 Galaxy Tab, but it looks like the T-Mobile version of Samsung’s Android 2.2 tablet is going to cost a Benjamin more — it’s ringing up at $699.99 right now at Amazon unsubsidized. If we were you, we’d wait and see what kind of deals can be had in-store come November 10th, but if you simply must have one immediately you’ll be able to use it with one of Magenta’s standard mobile broadband plans. $25 a month gets you 200MB with 10-cent-per-megabyte overage fees, whereas $40 buys you unlimited use with a 5GB speed cap, and you can purchase blocks of prepaid data an 100MB, 300MB and 1GB increments at the usual rates. It’s a bit of a shame we’re paying the price of a decent laptop for a seven-inch smartphone sans cellular calls… but you didn’t really need that rent money, right?

Via: Android Community
Source: Amazon