Being the younger generation makes you think that you must know everything about technology. It’s entertaining to make fun of your parents and their lack of technology skills. But realize now that there are a lot more technological inventions to come our way and when they do come, we will be the ones confused while our kids teach us what to do. I think that this confusion is already settling over our generation. I find myself so frustrated sometimes at the technology that exists today.

Touch screens

My phone is still a dumb phone which means it does not have a touch screen. Many times people slide open my phone and try to push the screen. After several failed attempts, they look at me questioningly. I then have to explain that my phone doesn’t work that way. I find touch screens to be kind of annoying. When I try to type, “How are you today?” it ends up reading, “Cows are youtubing all days.” Touch screens are a cool idea but sometimes, I just want to bash the screen in.


Whoever is talking to you, whether it is Tom or Sally, needs to just shut up sometimes. No Tom, turning left did not get me to my friend’s birthday party. Instead, I am in an abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere. As you scream at Tom in frustration, you realize there’s nothing you can do because Tom is just a recorded voice, not an actual person. When you use a GPS, you must also combine it with your common sense in order to get you to your destination.

Wireless internet

As a student, I am constantly dealing with wireless internet connections and lack thereof. Sometimes the internet will just stop working and I will have no idea why. When it does there is nothing I can do about it except plug in an ethernet cord and use that. Then, I am limited to the two feet that the cord provides. Wireless connections are really unreliable. I have never found a reason as to why they go out and stop working. All I can do is yell at my computer to work when I know that it won’t do anything.


The thing about iPods is that they work great and everything is fine and dandy until your computer breaks, or you want to buy a new one. You can only sync an iPod with the first computer that you use it on. If you get a new computer, you have to erase all of your songs on your iPod and start over from scratch. Thats a bit harsh Mr. Jobs. I just had to erase everything on my iPod so I could put new songs on. I now have 25 whole songs on my iPod! What can I say, I dream big.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and I love that our world is full of it. Our world would be so different without these amazing inventions. But sometimes, we all get frustrated with it and we need to vent a bit.

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