Ever since Android tablets were announced, the cost of owning one had been a the main obstacle. For example the Motorola Xoom was launched with a price tag of around $800/£500, which is fair amount more than its rival, Apple’s iPad. Other Android tablets such as the HTC Flyer unfortunately followed suit with a high price tag and even the Asus Transformer was still around £380 – enough to buy a fairly decent laptop or netbook. Of course, there were cheaper alternatives from smaller Chinese manufacturers, but they were cheap in every way. You know what we mean.

So we’re left with a gap, a sweet spot for tablets. Something that’s cheap in price, but well-built and has good specs and support with the ability to do whatever you want to it – i.e. rooting.

Please welcome the Andy Pad.

For a ridiculous £129, the 7-inch device will feature a powerful 1.2GHz ARM A8 CPU, 8GB internal storage, WiFi, 1080p HDMI output, Android 2.3 and a ‘powerful GPU’ that we’ll be finding out more about soon hopefully. Oh, and it can be rooted too!

The Andy Pad also comes with pre-loaded apps such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as games like Tank Hero and Drag Racing so you’re ready to use it out of the box.

“We are counting down to the Andy Pad, a more complete tablet designed to work straight out of the box. It aims to provide the best Android experience at a price which opens up this new technology to a market which has so far been denied an adequate solution.

Running the latest open source Android operating system, the Andy Pad is a portable 7 inches; perfect for slipping into a briefcase or school bag.

To showcase the best of Android, we’ve selected the most popular games, utilities and tools for use immediately, including cutting edge 3D games. This serves as an introduction to a world of apps; where you’ll discover thousands of programs crafted by dedicated Android app developers around the world. There’s also a cracking amount of internal storage to fill up with new discoveries, music or HD video with room for extra storage if required.

Ideal for media, business, homework, gaming or simply browsing the internet, the Andy Pad is going to be right at home inside your world.

As already mentioned, the Andy Pad can be rooted – it will come with an unlocked bootloader so custom ROMs can be put on it. Support for this device is sure to be thorough as at least one well known Android developer has already pledged his support. The Andy Pad will also be upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

There’s still a few missing details we’ve yet to find out about, but we’ve been promised they will be revealed in the coming weeks by @AndyPadUK on Twitter. Be sure to follow them!

With only 75 days till launch, we can’t say we’re not uber excited about the Andy Pad. We’ll be keeping our eyes on this tablet, and pledging full support so keep checking for updates on Geek Cube. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our hands on one soon for review too. Keep your fingers crossed!